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MR Fuel Lark


Golden sunlight warm on my face.
Silky, white snow my fingers interlace.
Rippling mountains cast shadows below.
Warm, brown embers see into my soul.
Sweet, moist air rolls down my neck.
Soft, smooth velvet on the back of my hand.
Greatness I am in the presence of.
An untamed spirit he will always be.
But such a gentle giant when he's with me.

Amy Havens

It is of deep sorrow that we announce the loss of our great stallion MR FUEL LARK. He passed away suddenly on January 31st, 2008 from an unknown cause. This has been a devastation to our ranch, our family, and the barrel racing and performance horse industry. He really was one of the few flawless stallions out there. Although his life was short-lived, he was already making his self known in the barrel horse industry. With only a few short months of training he was running in the 1D & pulling checks. He loved his job, he loved life, he loved getting to go out, and he loved me. We shared a mutual trust and deep respect for each other. I miss him horribly everyday and the pain will never ease. I miss his beauty, his elegance, his nicker at me in the mornings and his warm nose on my cheek. I miss just getting to see him run around out in the pasture, showing off for the mares. He acted like a celebrity and thought everyone should always watch him; and they did. I couldn't take him anywhere without a crowd drawing around to see him. He was magnificant and he knew it. I mourn the loss of what shall never come and the incompletition of the rest of our dreams and life together.
I'm grateful that his legacy will live on through his talented offspring and that God gave me the brief opportunity to own, know, and love a horse like MR FUEL LARK. He set the bar so high, he was my first truly great horse. I will never be able to replace him- only cling to my memories and watch his babies grow.


Mr Fuel Lark

This is my all time favorite photo of me running Fuel. I was laughing & smiling like a fool at his sheer strength & breathtaking speed. When he would run it was like riding a roller coaster & losing your stomach. Absolutely the best feeling in the world.
Everytime I see this photo it reminds me of how awesome & fun he was to ride & just be around.

Levi and Ethan

Mr Fuel 2000-2008

New Boston

Mr Fuel Lark Tribute



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